Feel the Atadragon spread his wings.


In latter part of the year of tiger, on Halloween sale hatching dragon is laying foundation of future fortune with proclaimers. After so long time being stone dragon constructing noir. Enjoying silence and nights of creation. All is dragoon left to wonder the secrets of fooling ants with ancient writings. After plague doctors times warfare is just too strong. Small boy hopes that it will not affect his storytelling. He even left his fortress home. Ray of Hope.


In the latest of the year of better dreams. This feels most closest of being spiritual dragon with monkey wearing imaginary existence goggles. During the summer a new Lion gave more faith and better life and army of monkeys strongly by my side. In the cave in a dwell finally able to release my baby ready for the world domination. Hope for the future of being a man with spirit of dragon with royal fort is imminent.


In the year of horses with wings, on Valentines day snake transforms into vermin. Welcome silence of other vermins near the placa of eternal spring. Will he get dragons wings and be able to keep his dream of living like happy phantom. If gold is found behind black dragon, this time it will be dealt for longer period.


Thought you get your wings cut off and legs torn apart and you can only squirm in desperation there seems always be possibility to grow those wings back and be what you always really wanted to be. The separation of snake and lion gives time to get steam engine powered development for two Ata products. Hopefully snake will get his dragonwings back and a treasure under his belly.


In the year of frog from sunwalker of sinner city either to mr manhattan of moneyless capital or morrison familyman in winterland. The red hope is getting bigger.


The year of the dragon is finally over, wars, launches, international fame and some local publicity more than a 15 minutes, now becomes the time of the snake crawl and the dawn of Ata. What we shall bring to you next?


"Seeking for that rabbit hole" year of the rabbit 2011. Hope that all your wishes may come true.



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