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22.02.2022 Probably Tuesday - Film Noir detective story

Ataverti´s second official game Probably Tuesday was published on 22222 (22nd of February 2022) on Ataverti´s official site and was teaser of things to come. We are working now on bringing the game to Steam and maybe other platforms. And Virtual Reality version is also been shown on events and there is a solid test build for it.

Now withdrawn release of work in progress vertical slice of Probably Tuesdays street level was available for true fans for small period of time. This release was to secure the date of 22222 for initial release of Probably Tuesday game much like Atavertis first game Led It Rain was published on 12.12.12 on Ataverti site..

Probably Tuesday - Founders edition on Youtube. <- WIP footage of game


07.07.2020 Probably Tuesday - remake of Max Payne mod

Time to dust off that fedora and take detectives special named maria into hand. After success of Ataverti´s first official game Led It Rain we started working on remaking Probably Tuesday Max Payne mod.

It is easy path as the main skeleton of game has been laid and story written. For years I been planning and investing to assets for remake of Probably Tuesday..

Probably Tuesday on Youtube. <- Whole footage of the game mod.


12.12.2016 Led It Rain - Motorcycles, Guns, Monsters and Bikini-babes Ataverti´s first official game Led It Rain was published on 121216 (12th of December 2016) on Steam. Later the Virtual Reality version was released on Steam too for free.

Main idea of whole game is to offer some easy going shooter moments to relax to after your favorite first person shooter gaming sessions. And offer innovative gameplay that gives you momentum. Many games you dodge and use cover to shoot enemies thus in Led It Rain you blast through waves of enemies, monsters and zombies.

Gear up your motorcycle and guns. Asphalt is burning and zombies need to be separated from Real Reality. That butterfly is bringing chaos and pandemic. Gas, Gun powder. Screams of women. Hunger of zombie.

Led It Rain - Refueled trailer on Youtube. <- WIP footage of game


12.12.2012 Led It Rain - Motorcycles, Guns, Monsters and Bikini-babes

Ataverti´s first official game Led It Rain was published on 121212 (12th of December 2012) on Ataverti´s official site and was teaser of things to come. We are working now on bringing the game to Steam and maybe other platforms. Pay what you can campaign brought income and there was sufficient funding to make Early Access version to Steam through Steam Greenlight. There were encouraging reviews which boosted the development.

Now withdrawn release of work in progress vertical slice of Led It Rain depot level was available for true fans for small period of time. This release was to secure the date of 121212 for initial release of Led It Rain game. Because it is special date and deadline to reach.

Led it Rain on Facebook. <- Be among the first to join.


12.03.2010 Eager Blade - arena proof battle

It has been a learning path. After some experimental games we find ourselves capable of making Ataverti's first official game. Eager Blade is a bow to all the old fighting games. We at the office of Ata are very big fans of game called Bushido Blade. Unpredictable battle action. Also we hope to capture the feeling of those classic sword fighting movies.

At this point we warmly welcome all kinds of help. People willing to participate in alpha testing of game should contact us. Discussions about the game idea in general can be very helpful too. It is always fresh to hear other people's points. Drop your opinions to our Facebook fan pages or write to us directly.

Very special "thank you" goes to all the people who have made this possible. The development has had delays but also bright moments. Hopefully you will keep the faith like us. We all are eager but soon the result of a life time interest is upon us.

Eager Blade in development now. <- Follow the unfolding of Ata's first official game.


Watch the early roots of Ataverti. This is where it got started. The game was Max Payne and the tools were easy to use. so it lead us into making a modification for it called Probably Tuesday. It was important for us to get to modify the existing things and try to make it whole new experience. In some way comic book called Sin City inspired us to make storydriven dark film noir. However settings were fifties gangster filled american city streets.

Huge problem for considering how the story is told were the cut scenes or rather the unabliness to make those. So if you want to follow the story you have to pause the video and read the wall of text. Also because our videocapture system didn´t record sounds you can´t hear our voice acting which might be better thing considering how it turned out.

All in one this was great experience to create such large modification for game. It really sucked us into it´s world full of small things that made large game experience. We learned much by doing this and therefore can nowadays make similarminded products. It is question that remains to be seen if game called Probably Tuesday will see the light of the day. Meanwhile enjoy all seven parts of PT in Youtube. It might be the only place to experience it.

Probably Tuesday on Facebook. <- Be among the first to join.


01.01.2008 Development of Rapier Phantom started

24.12.2009 Development of Rapier Phantom comes to an end

After eight months of developing Rapier Phantom for xBox we have decided to end the development of this apocalyptic robot arena fighting game. The initial plan was to have very stylised robot action game. The goal was not to have massive mechas but very sleek looking agile robots with special weapons and items. Like modern sport car design turned into man controlled fighting robot suits.

In addition to this playing arenas were supposed to have a big role in the game. Each arena was made of 3D tiles that had different functions on them. You could have tiles of conveyer belts, burning lava or pits etc. Map editor enabled players to make maps on their own.

Problems with the development tools took all our time and little time was spend on honing the gameplay nor the graphics. Sometimes it is just better to let go and kill the "child". It was very teaching to see what is the true capacity of our company in the light of new projects. And we initially made some strategic changes concerning ways we want to release and make games.


We are proud to present you the brand new logo of Ataverti. Very symbolic yet simple design. Hopefully this is the kind of figure that people will take notice of. Strong colors and symmetric shape. Little bit of atom shape or some kind of simple game even. Perfect disorder. Something noticable.

Those black and white colors represent evergoing battle between good and evil. And the big bloodred circle in the middle means love that is supposed to heal the world from inside. Like a heart inside your good and evil sides. This was actually the first Ataverti logo design. And is still used in same cases.

What is new are those little circles that form the same kind of formation that is seen in Pakua Mirror. This old chinese amulet is supposed to drive away devils and give good luck.

Anatomy of official Ataverti logo. <- New design, new philoshopy.


11.09.2008 Ataverti - games and graphical design.

Games, graphical design and writing stories have been hobbies of Petri Fridell for endless years. After the change of millenium he did a major game modification to an existing game. Wrote his own story and characters and modified the graphics. That got him into thinking of making games seriously. Now he has some degree of studies in games programming and design.

Also his strong point is that he has some artistic ability. Ability to visialize things. He is good at line drawing and later got into computer graphics, coloring and design. He has been working in major publishing companies as graphical designer.

Now after some struggle it is finally time to lay the foundations for Ataverti. A company that is not afraid to do ground breaking graphical designing or make innovative games. The humble goal is to make graphically captivating products, to amaze you with stories that rise some thoughts and design beyond this world. The real hard work starts now and we all just have to wait and see what are the results.

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